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Non Resident Indians are those who are staying outside India for more than 182 days in previous years. Technically, NRIs are Indian nationals, staying outside India, but for the tax treatment, NRIs and foreign nationals are same as Income tax is calculated on the basis of residential status and not on the basis of citizenship. For all NRIs and foreign Nationals who are of Indian origin, they generally have bank accounts, properties, rentals and other Income in India for which they pay lot of taxes in the form of TDS, for ex, Bank withheld taxes on Interest arising on NRO accounts at higher rate. Taxes are withheld as these are taxable Income in India and NRIs/ foreign nationals have to pay taxes on all Income generating in India. Considering the fact, almost all NRIs/ Foreign Nationals are paying more taxes in the form of TDS and that can be claimed as refund. Also as a part of India, it is moral responsibility to disclose all the Income by filing taxes in India. Filing taxes in India does not mean that you have to pay taxes in India.

Why NRIs are required to
File Taxes in India

  • To report Income arising in India to the Government of India.
  • Claim refund for any excess tax withheld in India
  • To declare Bank accounts that you have in India.
  • To declare properties and rentals that you have in India.
  • To report sale of any land/ property in India.
  • To fulfill the legal statutory requirement.

How much to pay for
NRI Taxation?

NRI Taxation would start from INR 4999/-

Features At A Glance
Starting from INR ₹ 7499/-   ₹ 4999/-
All Inclusive Fees
  • Computation of Income Tax
  • Filing of Income Tax Return
  • Assistance with e verification of ITR
  • Refunds Calculation
  • Calculation of taxes on refund witheld in India
  • Expert consultancy with taxation experts
  • Delegated Professional to coordinate exclusively to your case at a time.
  • Other Taxation Assistance
  • NRI Taxation refers to determining the tax liability (if any) for any NRI for income accrued or deemed to be accrued in India.
  • NRI Tax Return Filing is only required on capital gains or other income exceeding the basic exemtion limit.
  • All Non Resident Indians are not required to file Income Tax Return.
  • In absence of PAN, 20% as the rate of tax is charged in case of NRI.
  • Filing of ITR is done only once in a year and with Filingbyexpert, an expert of income tax takes care of all your ITR related queries.
  • ITR for NRI (non audit) must be filed on or before 31st July following the taxable Financial year.
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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions
What are different types of accounts that are permitted to be maintained by NRIs in India?
There are three types of accounts that can be maintained by NRIs:
1. NRE- Non Resident ( External) Rupee Account
2. NRO- Non Resident ( Ordinary) Rupee Account 
3. FCNR-Foreign Currency Non Resident (Bank) Account
No, any investment done in India must be in Indian currency.
No, It applies to both  Resident and Non-Resident Indians on the income earned in India.
a. Life insurance premium payment
b. Tuition fee payment
c. Principal repayments on loan for the purchase of house property
d. ULIPS or unit-linked insurance plan
e. Home Loan Interest
f. Deduction under Section 80D, 80E, 80G, 80TTA
a. Investment in PPF
b. Investments made in NSCs
c. Post Office 5 Year Deposit Scheme
d. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme
e. Deduction under Section 80CCG, 80DD, 80DDB, 80U

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