Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration:
Required Document & Procedure

A trademark is any logo, image, word, or a combination of words, images, and numbers that make a brand stand special on the market. Additionally, it is a significant license for a business to enroll a trademark to discourage contenders from using the same names or logos.

Types of Trademark:

  • Image, Symbols, 3D shapes, letters, etc.
  • Combination of letters and numerals for portraying a brand
  • Name of the brand

Who Can Apply
For a Trademark?

In the Trademark Registration form, the person whose name is referenced as the candidate will be pronounced as the proprietor of the trademark once the trademark is completely enlisted. Any person, a company, and an LLP can be a candidate and may record the application for the enlistment of the specific trademark.

Documents Required
  • Name of Applicant
  • Business type and goals
  • Brand name, slogan/ logo
  • Registration Address
  • If using Logo with Tagline: Where trademark application is made for a slogan or tagline with just words there is no requirement for a logo, and if a logo is used, at that point it ought to be submitted in high contrast design or black and white format.
  • Form 48: An advocate which is allowed to file a trademark application as a representative of the applicant to the Trademark registrar.
  • A trademark registration application should contain the following details:
  • Logo or the Trademark
  • Name and address of the trademark owner
  • Classification or Trademark Class
  • Trademark utilized since the date
  • Description of the products or administration
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How do we trademark
registration Online?

Procedure for Trademark Registration in India are-

Step 1: Search for Trademark
It is crucial to choose and investigate completely ahead before applying for the trademark. A trademark ought to be remarkable, and if identical trademarks are accessible, it will give you a plan to change your trademark accordingly and will ready to evade any trademark case. In fact, in business, it is crucial to keep a check throughout cost and time.

STEP 2: File for Trademark Application
Once you are sure that the trademark selected isn’t registered earlier by anybody in the Trademark Registry India. You can continue further by enlisting your trademark picked. Additionally, record a trademark application at the Trademark Office, India.

STEP 3: Examination of Trademark
Thirdly, the analyst examines and documents a trademark application. Also, the assessment span will be of 12- 18 months. In any case, the acknowledgment of trademark enlistment is subject to assessments' outcomes, which could be restricted or item. The trademark, when chosen unconditionally, the trademark will get distributed in the Trademark journal.

STEP 4: Publication of Trademark
If anyone objects to the enlistment of a trademark, have the chance to challenge the same. If after 3-4 months from distribution, there is no resistance, the procedure further moves. In the event of a protest, there will be a reasonable hearing, and the decision by the registrar is planned.

Step 5: Registration Certificate
At the point when the application continues for Trademark registration, after the distribution in Trademark Journal, an enrollment certificate conveying the seal of the Trademark Office is given.

Step 6: Trademark Renewal
The trademark is restored at regular intervals of ten years, and it will guarantee the security of your brand reputation permanently. But at the end of the day, it guarantees the security and manageability of your brand item or administration in the long run.

How do we help with
Trademark Registration?

Trademark Search
We help in your trademark search by leading the search utilizing the trademark (™) chief. We additionally lead a point-by-point keep an eye on the trademark logo and brand name that you had chosen to guarantee that it isn't yet enlisted under any other individual's name. In case that another person registers your logo or brand, we help you to discover approaches to alter it so your registration doesn't get dropped.

Class Selection: While applying for trademark registration, you need to apply it under the right category of classes. We help you choose the right class under which you are required to register. The trademark provides you the right to sell under a particular brand name within a certain sector in the economy.

Benefits of
Trademark Registration
  • Recognition to Product’s Quality
  • Protection against violation
  • Differentiates Product and administration
  • Builds trust and Goodwill
  • Protection at a low cost for a long period
  • Global Trademark Registration


How much to pay for
Trademark ?

Trademark would vary from INR 999/- to INR 3499/- depending upon the plan you choose.

Gold Plan
Gold Plan
₹ 2999/-   ₹ 1999/-
Package Includes
  • Trademark search as per criteria specified by client
  • Name check with existing trademarks
  • Quick and one stop destination for filing
  • Expert assistance in trademark related matters
  • Trademark registration filing
Silver Plan
Silver Plan
₹ 1499/-   ₹ 999/-
Package Includes
  • Trademark search as per criteria specified by client
  • Name check with existing trademarks
  • Quick and one stop destination for filing
  • Expert assistance in trademark related matters
Platinum Plan
Platinum Plan
₹ 5499/-   ₹ 3499/-
Package Includes
  • Trademark search as per criteria specified by client
  • Name check with existing trademarks
  • Quick and one stop destination for filing
  • Expert assistance in trademark related matters
  • Trademark registration filing
  • DSC-Class 3 Signing: 2 years validity
  • If you are someone looking to register your trademark, then the first step in the process is to do a thorough search of the existing trademark registrations and applications. Here, this tool comes in handy. You can run your preliminary search to check whether your trademark is available or if it’s taken by someone else.
  • Trademark helps one to establish their business or brand value in the market among several other competitors.
  • Trademark should be capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from those of others.
  • A good trademark must be easy to speak, spell and remember.
  • The best trademarks are invented words or coined words or unique geometrical designs.
  • Trademark are very important for small startups to prevent someone from stealing their hard work and know how.
  • Trademark is always an asset to the company which keeps on adding value by each passing year.
  • Trademark is approved once it pass all the check points as specified and are under exclusive jurisdiction of the respective Ministry.
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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions
What is a trademark?
A trademark can be a word or combination of words thats enables the brand to distinguish itself in the market from the existing brands.

1. A word must be easy to talk, spell and bear in mind. The simplest logos are fictional words or coined words or distinctive geometrical styles.
2. Avoid choice of a geographical name, common, personal name.
3. Avoid adopting praising word or words that describe the standard of products (such as best, perfect, super etc.)
Under current business condition a trademark performs four functions
It identifies the products / or services and its origin.
It guarantees its unchanged quality
It advertises the goods/services
It creates a picture for the goods/ services.
Any person, claiming to be the businessman of a trademark used or planned to be utilized by him, might apply in writing in prescribed manner for registration. the applying ought to contain the trademark, the goods/services, name and address of someone and agent (if any) with power of professional person, the amount of use of the mark. the applying ought to be in English or Hindi. It ought to be filed at the acceptable workplace.
Changes are permitted but it should not alter the identity of the existing trademark. 
It is removed on application to the Registrar in prescribed format. The Registrar can also suo moto issue Notice for removal of a registered trademark.

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