GST Compliance

GST: Goods & Services Tax

The Goods & services tax is a value added tax applied on goods & services sold for domestic consumption. This tax is paid by consumers. But businesses pay that money to the government.

It was implemented in India from 1st July, 2017 and is one of the biggest tax reform in the country. GST is an indirect tax that aims to subsume all the indirect taxes (VAT, service Tax etc) into it. GST is implemented to eliminate cascading or dual effect of the previous taxes on goods and services. This will reduce the time, effort and a lot of paper work involved in the calculation and computation of various taxes as now there will be only one tax to be paid. This will also gine benefit to the businesses to claim the tax paid by them to the suppliers against the tax collected by the end consumer.

Benefit of
GST Return Filing:

When your business is registered under GST and has a valid GST number, it is required to file periodic GST returns as applicable to them. By filing regular return and doing all the compliances, you are more likely to build a strong credibility in front of Government and your proposed and present clients with whom you are doing business. You will not receive any notice from the department for any late payment or penalties. There will be no chances of getting into defaulter list. This will ensure better goodwill of the business in the eyes of public, government, trade partners and other stakeholders. Also, a timely compliance and return filing saves a lot of time and a business can devote most of its time on its core areas


Any business if once registered with the GST needs to file its GST return (whichever applicable) on a regular basis. Even if the turnover of the business drops or there is no turnover for a particular period, it needs to file its GST return. Even a busness must file a NIL return to avoid being GST defaulter.

GST Return

There are various kind of GST returns that need to be filed periodically i.e. monthly, quarterly and annually depending upon GST guidelines and business turnover. The returns basically provides a declaration of sales/turnover of a business for a particular period of time to the GST department, on which they ultimately deposit taxes to the government department.Every sale must be disclosed in the return supported by respective sale bills by the business.

GST returns can be filed online very easily with expert assistance of Filing by Expert from any part of the country. We offer you complete transparency during the preparation of your return. Once your return is filed and you will receive periodic reminders for the upcoming return filings.

Below is the special category states list
File GST Return
Most popular
GST returns are:-

  • GSTR-1
  • GSTR-3B
  • GSTR-4
  • GSTR-5
  • GSTR-6
  • GSTR-7
  • GSTR-8
  • GSTR-9
  • GSTR-10
  • GSTR-11
  • CMP-08

How much to pay for
GST Return Filing?

GST Return Filing would start from INR 499/-

Features At A Glance
Starting from INR ₹ 749/-   ₹ 499/-
All Inclusive Fees
  • Document Scrutiny
  • One GST return Filing : GSTR 1/GSTR 3B
  • Filings under Expert supervision
  • Complimentary GST consultancy
  • Every GST registered business needs to file monthly, quarterly and annual return as per their respective due dates.
  • Non-filing of GST returns may attract late fee and interest as prescribed by the department. It may also lead to cancellation of GST registration.
  • GST returns help business to avail credit against Input tax already paid on the purchases.
  • Once registered with GST, one need to file return even if there is no sale/turnover during the said period.
  • GST has its impact on all the industries and every business has in some way encountered with the GST requirements.
  • With a team of dedicated experts in Filetaxindia, we help you to comply all the GST related returns and compliances.
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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions
Who is required to file GST returns?
Any business that is registered under GST and has made outward  and inward supplies must file GST returns periodically. Even if the business has no turnover, it is liable to file GST returns.
1. To adjust input tax paid towards purchases with tax collected towards sales.
2. To report sales made during a particular period.
3. To supply GST department with adequate information of periodic turnover.
4. It acts as compliance verification program of tax administration.
5. It estimates tax liability of the business towards GST.
1. GST returns help to calculate tax liabilty on a monthly basis and one need not to wait till year end. 
2. It helps in reducing the chances of GST non-compliance.
Non compliance of GST returns attracts penal consequences and can even lead to cancellation of GST registration.
You need to give all the information and required details about the sales and expenses of your business for a certain period and relax. Filing by Expert will take care of the filing under expert guidance.

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